Importance of telling your doctor everything

Sometimes when we go to the doctor, we may be tempted to lie to them because we know we haven't been doing everything we are supposed to! Lying to your doctor is not a good strategy because in order for them to help you they need to know everything you are doing! Here are some… Continue reading Importance of telling your doctor everything


Shopping with a disability

      Shopping at the mall with Karly is very different than it would be if I were to shop with an abled person. There are many things that an abled person might not think of when they go shopping that a person with a disability does. I will explain how shopping differs for… Continue reading Shopping with a disability

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Let’s be friends on Facebook!

Hey, fellow bloggers, I have a Facebook page! There you will find all my posts and much more! Here is a preview of some things you will find on my Facebook page.     Let's be friends on Facebook it would mean a lot to me! You can find my Facebook page at      … Continue reading Let’s be friends on Facebook!


How blogging has reduced my anxiety

    I have had anxiety for several years but right before I started blogging I noticed it was starting to get worse. I knew something had to change so I decided to start blogging to see if it would help! I will explain how blogging has helped me cut my anxiety levels in half!… Continue reading How blogging has reduced my anxiety


What can you do on Valentine’s Day if you are disabled and single?

    Happy Valentine's Day! Some of you may be going out to a nice dinner with your spouse's because of the holiday. If you are disabled, you may get depressed because you don't have anyone to share this day with. I will show you some things you can do for Valentine's Day if you… Continue reading What can you do on Valentine’s Day if you are disabled and single?


Calming nerves before surgery

  Getting the news that you need surgery can be very stressful and somewhat nerve-racking especially if you weren't expecting it! I have had many surgeries so I completely understand the anxiety you get the night before surgery. If you need surgery here are some tips on how you can calm your nerves so you… Continue reading Calming nerves before surgery


Helping someone with a learning disability

    When you have a learning disability, it can be very difficult to try to learn new things and it is even more difficult if you don't have the right teacher. Having a learning disability does not mean you are unteachable it just means it may take longer for you to master a skill.… Continue reading Helping someone with a learning disability