Why you should not use a handicapped parking sticker if you do not need it

I cannot tell you how many times I have gone out and all the handicapped spots are filled. Chances are, most of them are probably being occupied by someone who is not disabled. Using a handicapped sticker or taking an accessible space just because you want a closer parking spot is not only lazy but a huge disadvantage for a person with a disability. I will explain why you should not use the handicapped sticker if you are able to walk the long distance.

Long distance- The people who legitimately have a disability have the handicapped sticker for a reason. One of the reasons may be they are unable to walk long distances. If someone who is not disabled is occupying all the handicapped spots it gets really frustrating. Whenever I can’t find a parking space I must be dropped off at the door and wait for my companion. That is not always an option, some disabled people will wander off if left unattended.

Invisible Disability- You never know if someone has an invisible disability like a heart condition so you really can’t judge people who don’t appear to be disabled. If a person does not look disabled does not mean they do not have a disability. There is no possible way you can tell who has one and who doesn’t, the only way to find out would be to ask. I would not recommend doing that because that would be rude.

Parking Spots- Handicapped parking spots are a little bit larger than regular parking spots so if someone needs to unload a wheelchair they have more room to do so. A regular parking spot is not enough room to do that. A lot of the time if someone needs to unload a wheelchair they either have to keep driving around until one opens up or drop the person with a disability off. Dropping the person off is not always an option.

Taking your grandmother’s parking sticker-  In all honesty, if you have to take it from somebody else you probably don’t need because if you did you could go to the doctor and they would sign off on it.

When you park in a handicapped parking spot please think of these things because it can get very frustrating when there are no handicapped parking spots. those for those who need it. A lot of the time there is no handicapped parking spots and it is unlikely they are all being occupied by people who are disabled. Is it really that difficult to walk a couple of extra feet if you are able? Some people are unable to do that. If you are using all the close parking spots if you don’t need it you are making it extremely difficult for a person with a disability. If you have questions on why you should not use a handicapped parking sticker or take an accessible space please leave them in the comments below!



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