Medical problems won’t be taken seriously if you always take it as a joke




Some people may not see a problem with making up an illness that doesn’t exist but, in reality, it is a huge deal! Causing unnecessary stress to the people around you is inconsiderate, and you shouldn’t do it! There are other ways to get sympathy if that is what you are looking for but faking an illness is not the way to do it! I will give you some reasons why I think faking an illness is wrong and why I believe you shouldn’t do it.

Faking an illness just to get out of something is wrong, and you should never resort to that! I had somebody tell me once that I could start faking seizures to get out of stuff I just didn’t want to do. She might have been right I probably could have gotten out of a lot of things I didn’t want to do. At the same time, I would be making more work for my mom because she would see I am having more seizures and she would take me to the doctor and they would prescribe more unnecessary medication. That is why I choose to never make up a medical problem because I don’t want to be put on any unnecessary medication! When you fake an illness, enough times people tend to figure you out eventually and when you legitimately have a problem no one will believe you! If you want to avoid this ever happening don’t make up an illness, you don’t have to get sympathy!

If you are disabled and are unable to drive yourself places you most likely have to depend on somebody else to get you to your doctor’s appointments. Making up an illness is just not fair to the person driving you because you are not only inconveniencing yourself but you are also inconveniencing your driver. For all, you know they could have had plans they canceled that day to take you to the doctor and I am sure their plans are way more fun than sitting in a doctor’s office! If you have a legitimate problem, I am sure they would be more than happy to go with you to the doctor but wasting somebody’s times is just rude!

There are other ways to get sympathy if that is what you are looking for but faking an illness is not how you do it! That is how you make people worry about you or maybe even make them mad at you because you wasted their time! People tend to worry about people with a medical problem and it’s selfish to have someone worrying about you if you are making a medical problem up that doesn’t really exist just to get sympathy from your friends! A lot of the time that will eventually backfire and they will figure out you made it up and they won’t be happy you lied to them! If you want sympathy from your friends I highly recommend going about it in another way that way you don’t make a bunch of people mad! If you have any questions about why you shouldn’t fake a medical problem, please leave them in the comments below!


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Life with Spina Bifida is a personal blog that is all about my life with a disability, chronic pain as well as encouraging hope and positivity for those who are suffering. You are not alone!

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