Calming nerves before surgery

Getting the news that you need surgery can be very stressful and somewhat nerve-racking especially if you weren’t expecting it! I have had many surgeries so I completely understand the anxiety you get the night before surgery. If you need surgery here are some tips on how you can calm your nerves so you won’t be so anxious on the day of your surgery.

Distract yourself- Sometimes the night before surgery all you can think about is what is going to happen the following day and doing that is going to make you anxious. Find something that will get your mind off the surgery you need to have!  Play a game or watch your favorite TV show whatever you normally would enjoy that is what you should be doing!

Ask questions- If you want to lower your stress and anxiety levels make sure you are asking your doctor all your unanswered questions. If you have unanswered questions the day of surgery, you will have a lot of anxiety because there will be a lot of things you are unsure of.

 Call a friend- Surgery can be very stressful especially if you have never had it before! If you know somebody who has had surgery before why not give them a call they may be able to put your mind at ease. Going to somebody that has never had surgery before may not be very helpful because they may not know what to say and it may be difficult for them to comfort you.

Do yoga/meditation- When you need to have surgery chances are that is all you are thinking about. Yoga and meditation will help relieve stress and any anxiety you may have! If you have really high stress and anxiety levels yoga and meditation can really help clear your mind and lower your stress levels.

Stop thinking negatively- Sometimes when we have surgery, we may have all these scenarios in our head of things that could go wrong! Instead of thinking of all the things that could go wrong think of the things that could go right. Changing your thinking will result in lower stress levels!

Watch something funny- Before I have surgery, I personally like to watch a funny movie to help relieve my stress levels. Surgery is not fun as it is so you may not be in a very good mood if you must have one. Watching a funny movie will put you in a better mood and lower your stress and anxiety levels!

Having anxiety before surgery is completely normal but don’t let it control you! If you ever feel that your anxiety is controlling you remind yourself that it is going to be okay. Following these tips will help you relieve any stress or anxiety you may have before surgery! Going into a surgery with a positive attitude will make all the difference in the world! You may not be able to control the fact you must have surgery, but you can control your attitude. If you have any questions about how you can calm nerves before surgery, please leave them in the comments below!



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