How I know you are being dishonest about your Spina Bifida diagnosis

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Sometimes when I hang out with other wheelchair users they claim they have Spina Bifida! Sometimes this may be true, but there are other times it is clearly obvious you are lying! Instead of lying about your disability tell people your real disability there is nothing to be embarrassed about! Here are some ways that you will be able to tell if someone is lying about their Spina Bifida diagnosis and why you should not be embarrassed about it!


Have no idea what it is- If you are going to lie about what disability you have at least google it so you know what it is! If you are unable to pronounce it correctly that will not make you very believable! I do not know a single person with a disability who cannot pronounce their disability correctly.


Someone gave it to you- Spina Bifida is a birth defect, not a disease and you cannot catch it from anyone!  Whenever someone says this to me I  know they have no idea what Spina Bifida is because if you did you would not say something like that! If you were not diagnosed with it at birth you have a different disability and anyone with Spina Bifida would know that so if you want to save yourself from being embarrassed I don’t recommend saying someone gave it to you.


It’s okay to be different- Sometimes when I am hanging out with another wheelchair user I will tell them my disability and they will say they have the exact same thing because they feel it will make me feel better! There is no club you get to join, for saying you have Spina Bifida! Yes, there are events that people with Spina Bifida get to participate in but the same goes for other disabilities. Lying about your disability makes you sound unintelligent because you don’t know as much about that disability than you would if you had it so you may say something embarrassing.  If you want to save yourself from getting embarrassed just tell people your actual disability, there is nothing to be embarrassed about!


You will gain trust-  People will respect you if simply tell the truth! If someone figures out you lied to them about your disability they will most likely not believe anything you say to them. After you have lost someone’s trust sometimes it can take a while to get it back. Something as simple as lying about what disability you have could have totally been avoided!


Sometimes it may seem appropriate to say you have the same disability as someone else because everyone else in the room has that disability. In all honesty, there is no appropriate time to lie about your disability because eventually you will slip up and may become embarrassed! Instead of lying about your disability educate people about your actual disability! People will be much more interested in hearing about your actual disability than all your lies! If you have any questions about how I know you are being dishonest about your Spina Bifida diagnosis please leave them in the comments below.

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