Guest posting: come write for me!

guest posting


I have read so many phenomenal blogs in the last couple of months so I thought it would cool to start guest posting! Whether you are a blogger, thinking about starting a blog or someone who just likes to write come write for me! I will begin accepting guests posts May 1st and will continue to take them on the first Wednesday of every month! If you are interested you will have plenty of opportunities!


You cannot write about a disability or condition you do not have! I am very interested in learning more about different disabilities and chronic illnesses but if you don’t have any please don’t write about one!

All topics must be approved. I will not approve any topics on religion or politics.


If you are not disabled there are tons of topics you could write on, get creative!


Contact information

If you are interested in doing a guest post for me here is where I can be contacted:



I hope to hear back from some of you because I would love to feature some guest posts on my blog!



2 thoughts on “Guest posting: come write for me!

  1. What a great idea, Sarah. If you ever thought parent stories might be helpful, count me in. Being the parent of a child with disabilities is a most humbling experience…💕

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