How to represent my blog the right way

Blog representation


When you guest post on someone’s blog you are representing their brand so if you don’t take the post you write seriously you make the blogger who owns the website look bad. I recently announced I was going to start guest blogging which I am super excited about because I believe I can learn a lot from my guest bloggers! Although I strongly believe I will not have a problem with any of my guest bloggers I established a few rules so there is no confusion.

Don’t plagiarize– Plagiarism may not be a criminal or civil offense but if it violates an author’s property rights I can be sued for it! I am very excited to let other viewers and bloggers guest blog on my website but please do not plagiarize. Plagiarism, in my opinion, is just lazy so please don’t it! If you are struggling with finding the right resources when creating your blog that is okay I will be more than happy to provide any resources you may need. If you need any resources such as where to find plagiarism checkers or grammar checkers I would be more than happy to assist you with that! I will be checking for plagiarism and any grammatical errors you may have missed so no worries if you forgot a couple grammatical errors!

Respect- I am super excited to see what ideas my guest bloggers will come up with! Sometimes I may not agree with your idea and ask you to come up with another topic and that is okay. If you want to know why I disapproved it you are more than welcome to ask me and I will give you a reason.

Language– I am trying to create a kid-friendly blog I ask that you please don’t use profanity if you write a guest post!

I hate excuses- I completely understand that sometimes things come up and you may have to reschedule that is totally okay but please let me know in advance. Canceling the night before does not give me enough time to find a replacement so if you can please try to give me more notice.

Find legal photos– Finding images, in my opinion, can be harder than actually writing the blog itself!  When it comes to blogs having beautiful images is what gets people to read your blog! Blogs that are sloppy and have ugly images typically don’t have very many views. If you don’t have any personal photos and need a website that has stock photos please don’t hesitate to ask. I will be more than happy to provide resources that have stock photos.

 If you need anything when you are preparing your guest blog I will always be there to help you with what you need because I know writing blogs can be very stressful. When I first launched my blog I had a lot of anxiety so I completely understand the stress that goes with writing a blog. If you have any questions about how to represent my blog in the right way please leave them in the comments below!


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