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If you are abled you may have created a bucket list and on that bucket list may consist of places you want to travel to! When you are disabled travel sometimes can be difficult and for some not possible so there buck list may be different. Having a bucket list of travel locations can lead to disappointment because most likely you will never be able to visit those places.  Instead of putting travel locations on my bucket list I put things I hope to achieve within the next couple of years.

Write a couple of book reviews- I never thought books reviews were going to be my thing until I discovered two authors who were looking for bloggers who would be willing to do a book review for them! Now I love them and want to do more so I plan on doing more in the future! As a child, I hated reading but now as an adult, I love it! I don’t like fantasy books but prefer books that I can learn from!

Learn a language- A lot of abled people will have many different locations that they want to travel to! It wouldn’t make sense if I did that because I would probably never make it to any of those locations so instead of putting that on my bucket list I decided I would put something I could achieve! Learning a new language is something I have always been interested in but have never been motivated enough to stay consistent with it. I started learning sign language about a year or two ago and was getting pretty good at it but then it started to get hard so I gave up! I don’t plan on mastering sign language in the next couple of months but getting starting and staying consistent is something I do plan on achieving!

Blogging as a career– I love writing! Blogging as a career would be my dream job! Writing on my blog as a career is the ultimate goal but writing for somebody else would be something that I would be open to!

Overcome one or two fears- I could probably write a book on all the fears I have! Most of my fears I don’t advertise because they are embarrassing! Overcoming one or two of them is all I could ask for!

I may not achieve everything on my bucket list but I can sure try! As I achieve more things I may add or take off things off my bucket list as I see fit! Right now this is a general list of things I would like to accomplish but some things could change! If you have any questions about what I’d like to accomplish in life please lease them in the comments below!


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Life with Spina Bifida is a personal blog that is all about my life with a disability, chronic pain as well as encouraging hope and positivity for those who are suffering. You are not alone!

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