How do you create a Christian blog that isn’t consumed with scripture?


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If you are a Christian and wanting to start a blog you may be wondering how do you create a blog that isn’t consumed with scripture? Everyone has different passions and some Christian bloggers may not have the passion of creating a blog consumed with scripture. Your faith is still important and you don’t want that to go away just because you started a blog. How do you create a Christian blog without quoting scripture? Here are a few ways I have created a Christian blog without incorporating scripture into any of my blogs.

Keep your faith in mind when accepting opportunities-  Bloggers get tons of paid opportunities but if you are Christian some of those opportunities may not be for you. Before accepting a paid opportunity ask yourself these things. Does it go against everything I believe in? Your faith is important and if a paid opportunity goes against everything you believe in it’s not worth accepting. Are they honest? Do you feel the company that offered you payment is not telling you everything? If that is the case don’t accept it a better opportunity may come along!

Honesty is the best policy- Have you ever not had a personal story to incorporate in your blog so you thought to yourself I’ll just make one up. This is not always the best approach because your viewers can see right through that and your blog may suffer because of it! If you don’t have a personal story then don’t create one your blog will do so much better when you fill it with real genuine stories.

Language– Does cursing usually bother you in real life? If it does then why should you incorporate curse words into your blog posts just to fit in? Don’t let peer pressure get in the way of your faith but instead decide what words you are comfortable using and what words you are not! If you accept guest bloggers make it clear to them that cursing bothers you so they don’t do it! I am sure they will understand and will be more than happy to choose a different word choice.

Creating a Christian blog does not have to be consumed of scripture you just have to know your standards and have the discipline to stick to them. Don’t let peer pressure steer you away from your faith but instead create standards for yourself. Some Christian bloggers have blogs focused on scripture and there is nothing wrong with that. But that is not everybody’s goal and if that is not your goal just know your standards! My blog is primarily focused on disability but my faith is number one priority so these are a few standards I set for myself so I don’t lose that. Whether you or a Christian or not always keep your faith in mind when writing blog posts they will make for better posts! If you have any questions about how to create a Christian blog without quoting scripture please leave them in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “How do you create a Christian blog that isn’t consumed with scripture?

  1. Thank you I’m glad you liked it! I have certain standards for my blog to keep my faith but my blog is mainly focused on disability and lifestyle. I will be very interested to read your post about your faith once it is made. I checked out your site and followed. Very impressive for a new blogger:)

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  2. Great post! I’m a Christian, my blog isn’t a “scripture” blog, it’s a lifestyle one I guess but I’m actually going to make a post about my faith soon probably because I just feel passionate that it’s something I want to do to show how much I love jesus, and I want to share my faith with others by using my platform to praise him. I’m still new to blogging, would really appreciate if you checked out my site! xo


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