Importance of giving blogger’s feedback


Feedback is very important for continued growth on your blog! Many bloggers receive no feedback or very minimal feedback and it can be very frustrating and difficult to continue to create posts your readers will love. If you want to help a blogger continue to get growth for their blog here are a few ways you can help!

Stop giving praise all the time- There is nothing wrong with praise some bloggers need it but don’t be afraid to give bloggers constructive criticism! “That is the worst post I have ever read.” What were you thinking? This is not constructive criticism that is criticism and comments like these are extremely hurtful. Some viewers will only praise our blogs because they fear if they try to give us any other advice we will get upset. If you give us advice with the intent of trying to help us make our blogs better we will not get angry but will probably respect you more because now we know you feel comfortable enough to give us advice other than praise.

Leave genuine comments- Great post! I have lost count how many time I have read that and to be totally honest that comment means nothing to me!  If you genuinely enjoyed my post and want me to take something away from your comment say something more personable than, great post! What did you like about the post? Did you even read it? I am more interested in knowing what you liked about the post and less interested in constant praise because that does not help with improving future blog posts!

Have an idea?- Some bloggers don’t get any requests from their viewers so they have to come up with all of their ideas on their own and that can sometimes get challenging! Getting requests from viewers is extremely helpful especially if you are struggling to make new content! In some cases, viewers will not send any requests so it is up to the blogger to come up with all the ideas and that makes their job twice as hard! Don’t be afraid to send your favorite blogger requests because nine times out of ten your request will be granted! What do you have to lose? The worst thing that can happen is your favorite blogger doesn’t grant your request that’s their loss, not yours!

Praise- Whenever you read a post that you thought was just incredible letting the writer know that is so important. Some bloggers get little to no feedback so your praise may make their day! Praising all posts is not meaningful and bloggers can see right through that so only praise the ones you really enjoyed!

If you receive little to no feedback blogging is like a game of charades! If you do not receive any feedback from your viewers you may have to rely on your stats to try to get a gauge at what your viewers want. Relying primarily on stats can be difficult because more often than not your stats are not consistent. If you are uncomfortable with providing advice to a blogger publicly then do it privately most bloggers can be contacted privately if that is how you choose to do it. Tips are always appreciated whether it’s praise or constructive criticism never hold back! If you have any questions about the importance of giving blogger’s feedback please leave them in the comments below!


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Life with Spina Bifida is a personal blog that is all about my life with a disability, chronic pain as well as encouraging hope and positivity for those who are suffering. You are not alone!

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  1. Thank you I’m glad liked it! I don’t generally give requests or provide constructive criticism either unless someone asks for it. I just felt this topic was important and I hope it will be meaningful for some viewers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 🙂 I am all for giving genuine feedback.

    The thing is that some bloggers misconstrue constructive criticism as trolling.

    And, in regards to giving requests, I do not give any unless they ask for it.

    I truly enjoyed this blog post of yours.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Sarah-Lynn!


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