How to build a successful Facebook page

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Is your blog suffering because no one uses Facebook? This is one of the most common questions people ask me and the answer is no my blog is not suffering because guess, what people still use Facebook! Maybe not as many people use it as there were five years ago but because of Facebook my blog is soaring and I am very grateful for it! Ninety percent of my friends and family use Facebook and don’t use Twitter or Pinterest so without it I would not have nearly as many views as I do today. I did not build a successful Facebook page overnight(yes it still could use some work) here are my top tips on how you could build a successful Facebook page if you are struggling with getting engagement.

Listen to your audience- If one of your viewers has a really cool idea for your Facebook page listen, to their idea! Always be open for suggestions unless they are suggesting something that is not even related to what your Facebook page is about then there is no reason you should not hear them out.

Know your audience- I spend hours every day studying my stats so I know the best time to post on my blog and Facebook page. Whether you realize it or not the time you post does matter in order to get the best engagement. Most of my viewers are stay at home moms, full-time workers or millennial’s so posting blogs at 3 a.m. would probably not be a good idea! As soon as you learn who your target audience is it will be so much easier to get growth for your Facebook page.

Don’t go crazy on ads- If you run a Facebook page for a business or blog you probably know that you can pay to run an ad to try to get more people to go to your page. Try and not go crazy with these ads because nine times out of ten the viewers you get that come across your website from a paid ad will not stay. There is nothing wrong with paying for an ad to try to get more visitors but don’t go crazy with it!

Make it unique-  Okay bloggers if I can find the same exact things on our Facebook page that I can find on your blog then I am not liking your Facebook page. To have a successful Facebook page you need to have other things on your page that people cannot find on your blog. If you don’t that will not encourage people to follow it. It can be as simple as a follow thread, advice thread or maybe inspiration quotes just make it different so people will want to follow your Facebook page!

Nowadays there are many different social media platforms so although Facebook may seem like it’s dead I strongly believe it’s not. What some people fail to realize is there are so many different social media platforms that are used for different purposes. For instance, Twitter is good for daily updates, and retweeting posts whereas Facebook is better for threads connecting with your audience and answering questions. There is some good with every social media platform they are just all different and have different purposes. So, even though it may seem like people don’t use Facebook anymore it is a very useful tool for bloggers and entrepreneurs. I just recently rebranded so even though I may not have a large following on the new Facebook the engagement I have is fairly good. If you are interested in checking out my new Facebook page feel free to check it out at and if you have questions about how to build a successful Facebook page please leave them in the comments below.


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