The hashtag that is driving everyone mad

The hashtag that is driving everyone mad (3)


Chronic pain can be frustrating and can sometimes be difficult to treat and diagnose.  Chronic pain sufferers want to live a pain-free life just like everyone else but unfortunately, not everyone is able to and sometimes our pain is dismissed by doctors and we aren’t able to get the relief we are longing for. Stevie’s Boebi’s story is now trending on Twitter after being dismissed by several doctors when trying to get some relief for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  After eight years of frustration from not getting relief, Stevie created the hashtag Doctors are Dickheads to try to make her voice heard. I understand Stevie’s frustrations with chronic pain but this hashtag not only does not solve any problems but puts a has a huge negative effect on all medical professionals.

There are fantastic medical professionals- For doctors to be able to provide the best possible care they need to listen to their patients but unfortunately not all of them! No one knows their pain better than their patients and when doctors aren’t listening to you it causes you to become very angry and frustrated because all you want, is relief! Yes, there are arrogant doctors that don’t listen to their patients but there are ones that do and these doctors have the most impact on their patients and of course, save lives!

It has a negative effect on all medical professionals- Although there are arrogant doctors that don’t listen to their patients the ones that do try very hard to give their patients the relief they deserve! It’s not always easy finding the right pain management pain but lumping all doctors in the same category by saying they are all terrible is not only hurtful but has a huge negative effect on all medical professionals not just some of them.

Communicate your needs- If you are not communicating your needs to your doctor it will be very difficult for your doctor to give you the best possible care. With that said when you are communicating your needs and your doctor is not listening to you it can be very frustrating so you may be tempted to go on social media and rant about your experience. Although there is nothing wrong with this there are productive ways to do it that don’t hurt anyone and get your point across so please be mindful of your word choice.

I have a fantastic medical team and although I have not gotten relief from my pain I am not angry because for all I know there may be nothing out there that can give me relief. Chronic pain affects you mentally and physically so I completely understand chronic pain sufferers frustrations what I don’t understand is why create hashtags out of pure anger? What does this solve? Nothing! It saddens me that some people are treated poorly by doctors but creating hashtags stating that all medical professional is terrible is not the answer! When you have been hurt it is so important to express your feelings but learning how to do it in a productive way that doesn’t hurt anyone is also very important!  What do you think of this hashtag? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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Life with Spina Bifida is a personal blog that is all about my life with a disability, chronic pain as well as encouraging hope and positivity for those who are suffering. You are not alone!

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  1. I agree, I personally have gone to doctors who do not listen to their patients so I completely understand the frustrations of not being heard. I have a fantastic medical team so I do know that great doctors do exist and lumping them all together by saying they are all terrible saddens me because it is hurtful towards all doctors whether it was meant that way or not.

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  2. I have to say, it made me sick to my stomach when I first saw that hashtag….. I understand that there are doctors out there who are seemingly uncaring, and who fail their patients, and my heart goes out to all who have been dismissed by their doctors. I also know from personal experience that there are some wonderful doctors who do everything they possibly can to help their patients. I’ve been blessed with very proactive, caring doctors over the years, and it hurts to see them lumped in with those who are not. We need to be heard, but it seems there must be more productive ways to do it.


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