A little message to the haters who tried to get me to quit!

When you start a blog you will always have people that don’t like or agree with your posts and sometimes these people will send you hurtful messages with hopes that you will stop writing. When I started blogging I knew I would probably get hate mail to some extent but what I wasn’t expecting was to receive hate mail almost daily.  These last couple of months have left me wondering why I started a blog because of the amount of hate mail I have been getting. If you have been sending me any of these kinds of messages here is a little something to think about.

Your design is ugly– “Your design is ugly I can’t believe you call yourself an expert”. I don’t make a full-time income off my blog so no I don’t call myself a blogging expert and nowhere in any of my posts will I state that I am a blogging expert because I am not. If you don’t like my blog design that’s okay I am not going to judge you for it. You are entitled to your opinion! I do not have a degree in web design and everything I know about it I taught myself and before I started this blog I did not know how to do any of it. I am always learning new things and if you have any helpful tips on how I can improve my website please share otherwise keep your hurtful comments to yourself.

Your content is poorly written-The great thing about blogging is that everyone has different writing styles and there is something for everybody! My posts are very well written and even though you may not like my writing style that does not mean I have poorly written content! It breaks my heart that you are accusing me of creating lousy content because I will not post anything that I am not proud of. When I was in school writing was not encouraged so I may not be the best writer and there could be some grammatical errors but I am trying my best to improve with every blog post!

There is so much more to blogging other than writing blogs posts and when people send you hurtful messages it can be really difficult to stay motivated. I almost made the decision to shut my blog down and start another one that was not disability focused because I convinced myself no one likes or read my posts! Then I realized one thing, yes you will have people who don’t like or read your posts but you will also have people who enjoy them very much! Ignore the haters because you are not writing for them! Luckily these messages have started to slow down and I only get them on occasion. Sending hurtful messages like this messes with someone’s mental health so if you don’t like a blog post just don’t follow that blog. It’s really that simple there is no need to send hurtful messages because you disagree with them. We are here to support each other not tear each other down and that is what messages like these are doing and no matter of how many of these messages you send me I will not quit!

I am not a quitter!



  1. Very true! There will always be those that appreciate your posts and ones that don’t. The ones that don’t appreciate it don’t matter because they are not your target audience.

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  2. 🙂 It is nice to know that you are not a quitter.

    Keep blogging and may you always remember, that there will always be people who appreciate your content!


  3. I’m sorry to hear that this happened! Yeah as Terri said people can be awful sometimes. I’m glad you didn’t quit!

    PS I really can’t judge in the design department. I am not good with design and pictures myself. I guess that makes two people looking for advice on design. 🙂

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  4. Thank you Terri I needed to hear this today! It’s so easy to get discouraged with blogging or to let the success of others get into our heads because blogging is not a competition. I knew quitting would have been a huge mistake because I do enjoy what I do:)

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  5. I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you Sarah Lynn. I’m glad you didn’t quit. It’s easy to get discouraged with this whole blogging thing, but the truth is, you’re blogging for YOU. You should write what you want to write; you never know what someone else needs to read. What you feel in your heart that you need to write may be the very thing someone needs to hear at that moment. As far as writing goes, there are probably lots of us who cringe when we go back and read our first blog posts. I’m not saying you have any reason to; I’m just letting you know that if your first posts weren’t received that well, you’re not alone. Keep your head up and hang in there sweet friend!

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