Are my fashion choices embarrassing?

  If I was wearing the ugliest outfit on the planet and refused to change would you still hang out with me? I recently saw a tweet on how Kim Kardashian was embarrassed by her sister's fashion choices that she was embarrassed to be seen in public with her. I don't follow the Kardashian's so … Continue reading Are my fashion choices embarrassing?

Are you able to start a business?

Are you frustrated in your current job and feel like you have more talent than your job is allowing you to show? Have you been looking for work but everything you have come across has either been unsuccessful or have been┬ádealing with unfair criticism. If this sounds like you then it may be time to … Continue reading Are you able to start a business?

You know your a blogger when

  When you are a blogger often times all you find yourself thinking about is blogging! When you aren't writing a post you are either, thinking about one, promoting or talking to other bloggers on social media! Finding inspiration is hard when writer's block hit's and often times when that happens we may find ourselves … Continue reading You know your a blogger when

How can you beat depression when you can’t afford therapy?

  There are millions of people who suffer from depression. Some people are able to get the help they need by attending therapy or taking medication but unfortunately, not everyone can afford these treatments. It is not uncommon for a disabled person to suffer from depression but in some cases, therapy is not an option … Continue reading How can you beat depression when you can’t afford therapy?

How to support a blogger

  Is reading a bloggers post enough to get them noticed? Reading posts helps bloggers increase their engagement but unfortunately it is not enough for them to get noticed by larger brands. Smaller bloggers have a particularly hard time with this so if you want to help here are a few simple things you can … Continue reading How to support a blogger