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You know your a blogger when

  When you are a blogger often times all you find yourself thinking about is blogging! When you aren’t writing a post you are either, thinking about one, promoting or talking to other bloggers on social media! Finding inspiration is hard when writer’s block hit’s and often times when that happens we may find ourselves…

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How to support a blogger

  Is reading a bloggers post enough to get them noticed? Reading posts helps bloggers increase their engagement but unfortunately it is not enough for them to get noticed by larger brands. Smaller bloggers have a particularly hard time with this so if you want to help here are a few simple things you can…

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Ten-year friendiversary

  The pi classroom back in high school was truly a horrible experience but one I could not avoid. Since I can do a lot of things on my own getting help from someone was like pulling teeth. Often times I refer high school as the “years of hell” because there are no good memories…

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