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200 follower Q and A!

When I started this blog I was not confident in my writing so I was pretty sure no one was going to read it with the exception of maybe a few friends and family. At first, I was not even going to share it with my friends and family because I was not sure how…

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Gift ideas for bloggers

  Do you have a blogger friend for Christmas? Are you stumped by what to get them?  Most bloggers live and breathe their blogs so gifts that help bloggers grow them are the most helpful and appreciated. Bloggers have access to a lot of free resources but unfortunately, unless we invest in our blogs it…

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You know your a blogger when

  When you are a blogger often times all you find yourself thinking about is blogging! When you aren’t writing a post you are either, thinking about one, promoting or talking to other bloggers on social media! Finding inspiration is hard when writer’s block hit’s and often times when that happens we may find ourselves…

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