Six things you should never say to a blogger

    When most people visit a blog unless they are bloggers themselves they will never truly understand the amount of work it takes to build a successful blog. For that reason, bloggers work often times are underappreciated because most people think we whip blog posts up in five minutes. It is our job to … Continue reading Six things you should never say to a blogger

Importance of giving blogger’s feedback

Feedback is very important for continued growth on your blog! Many bloggers receive no feedback or very minimal feedback and it can be very frustrating and difficult to continue to create posts your readers will love. If you want to help a blogger continue to get growth for their blog here are a few ways … Continue reading Importance of giving blogger’s feedback

How do you create a Christian blog that isn’t consumed with scripture?

    If you are a Christian and wanting to start a blog you may be wondering how do you create a blog that isn't consumed with scripture? Everyone has different passions and some Christian bloggers may not have the passion of creating a blog consumed with scripture. Your faith is still important and you … Continue reading How do you create a Christian blog that isn’t consumed with scripture?

Blog milestone: 5000 pageviews!

  We did it! We hit 5000 page views in my first year of blogging which I didn't think was ever going to happen. Getting views on your blog is hard and if you run a blog you understand that. But in my experience gaining confidence in my writing has been much harder. So everyone … Continue reading Blog milestone: 5000 pageviews!

You’re blogging questions answered!

  If you are a blogger you will probably agree that the more time that goes on the harder blogging gets. Sometimes viewers will send me emails asking me how I created a successful blog! When you ask I deliver so I interviewed my friend Karly who is a disability and lifestyle blogger with your … Continue reading You’re blogging questions answered!